Best Jewelry in Brooklyn


Looking for the best jewelry in Brooklyn? Look no further than our collection below. At Ana Luisa, we strive to design unique jewelry that is also sustainable and planet-friendly. This is why all of our sterling silver and gold jewelry is crafted 100% of recycled metals. Moreover, we do our plating in-house and we use sustainable, lab-grown diamonds. With Ana Luisa, you get gorgeous jewelry pieces, plus the knowledge that you have helped our Planet. When it comes to our designs, we collaborate with creative designers who understand the need for unique jewelry. This is why you will see a lot of diversity in the collection. From gold chain necklaces with various chain styles to gemstone earrings, edgy ear cuffs, nature-inspired rings, and dainty bracelets, we created a collection meant to suit your taste. Considering our sustainable approach to jewelry, our love for creative and elegant designs, and our high-quality pieces, we can easily say that this collection reunites the best jewelry in Brooklyn....Read more

Best jewelry in Brooklyn mush-haves

To be honest, we believe that each piece in this collection is a must-have. But if you are looking to change the vibe of your collection with a couple of new styles, then we have some recommendations. Firstly, you need one of our dainty necklaces, either in gold or sterling silver, depending on your preferences. Secondly, a pair of gold huggies or mini-hoops will do wonders for your everyday outfits. You can choose simple huggies or bold ones with gemstones. Thirdly, a chain ring is one of the hottest trends of the moment and it has a very feminine vibe. Last, but not least, do get an adjustable gold chain bracelet. And, of course, remember that the best jewelry in Brooklyn is the one that matches your style. So make sure to get the pieces that speak to you.

How to care for your jewelry?

Even the best jewelry in Brooklyn needs regular care. Clean it with a jewelry brush, but make sure not to soak your pieces in water. Keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals and remember to store it safely inside the jewelry box when you are not wearing it.