Ethical Jewelry


Ethical jewelry refers to jewelry pieces that are sustainable and are perfectly traceable. Consider it this way. If a jewelry piece uses mined diamonds, gold and silver that come from the current mining industries, then it is not ethical. Also, depending on where it was manufactured, a jewelry piece can also be the result of child labor. At the opposite side of this spectrum, there is the ethical jewelry. An ethical piece uses recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. And if you are looking to buy jewelry that doesn’t negatively impact the environment or certain communities, then you have come to the right place. All of Ana Luisa’s jewelry is ethical, but, here, we have selected a couple of our most popular designs for you to choose from. Scroll down to check them out....Read more

Why buy ethical jewelry?

Our choices reflect on the environment and the people around us. And while for some of these choices we may not have a better alternative, for jewelry there is one. The ethical side of jewelry means buying pieces that don’t negatively impact the environment. The gold mining industry is a very harmful one, which is why gold jewelry can be unethical. Recycled gold jewelry has the same qualities of any solid gold piece, but it doesn’t support the current gold mining industry. The same applies to diamond jewelry that uses lab-grown diamonds instead of mined diamonds. The need for ethical jewelry is the need that each of us has – to protect the environment and make sure that the next generations will also get to live in peace on this beautiful Planet.

Where to buy ethical jewelry?

Your answer is Ana Luisa. All the gorgeous & unique pieces you can see on our website are manufactured using 100% recycled gold. And yes, even those diamond stud earrings that caught your eyes are ethical because they use lab-grown diamonds. Last, but not least, for our gold-dipped jewelry pieces, the plating is done in-house to ensure the ethical standards. Get your jewelry from Ana Luisa and you can rest assured that your beautiful pieces never had a negative impact on the environment.