Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry


Fine sterling silver jewelry with or without gemstones has a unique luster that is hard to resist to. Whether you choose a polished or a textured piece, silver jewelry is fabulous. We are a bit obsessed with it and we want you to share our obsession. So scroll down to see a unique collection of fine sterling silver jewelry and discover amazing designs. In our carefully curated collection, you will get to see fabulous sterling silver studs, chic silver hoops, and chain bracelets and more gorgeous pieces. Check them out and get the silver jewelry that matches your personal style from Ana Luisa’s collection below....Read more

Why & where to buy fine sterling silver jewelry?

Do you even need a reason to buy fine sterling silver jewelry? If so, there’s a hundred of them. Silver jewelry is easy to accessorize and great to wear on a daily basis. It also has a contemporary feel that will give your outfit a polished vibe. And last, but not least, fine sterling silver jewelry is trending this season so it’s time to up your game with Ana Luisa’s design. Get a unique silver piece from Ana Luisa’s collection to upgrade your jewelry box.

How to style fine sterling silver jewelry?

Create a fabulous punk-rock look with fine sterling silver jewelry. Wear crystal or cubic zirconia silver studs along with silver huggies and ear cuffs. Accessorize your earrings with a silver cross necklace or a leather choker. Complete your look with a chunky silver cuff bracelet and a pair of leather shorts. You can also wear a crop tee and lacquer boots.

How to clean fine sterling silver jewelry?

Clean your fine sterling silver jewelry with a soft lint-free cloth soaked in warm water. Rub your pieces gently until they are clean and let them dry off. Keep your jewelry away from direct contact with harsh chemicals or water. Once in a while, you can polish your pieces using a silver polishing cloth or take them to the jeweler’s for professional polishing. When you are not wearing your jewelry, keep it secure inside the jewelry box to prevent it from getting scratched.