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Spiritual Jewelry


Spiritual jewelry has a mysterious vibe that transcends fashion. With a fascinating story behind it, a spiritual piece is great to own, whether it is a good luck charm necklace or an evil eye ring. And if you don’t already feature a spiritual jewelry piece in your jewelry collection, then it’s time to have one. Scroll down and see our fabulous collection inspired by legends and cultures from different parts of the world. From gold cross necklaces and Virgin Mary pendants to evil eye necklaces, Shiva pendants and even horn necklaces, we have created a stunning collection of spiritual jewelry. Discover the pieces that match your story below....Read more

Why & where to buy spiritual jewelry?

Think of spiritual jewelry as a way of telling a story about yourself and your beliefs. This kind of jewelry is deeply personal and it bears a unique meaning. It is also a great conversation starter at parties or similar events. Dive into the spiritual world of jewelry to uncover interesting legends and fascinating history. Whether you choose a piece with a religious symbol or one with a great legend behind it, it is up to you. Get your spiritual jewelry from Ana Luisa to enjoy a stunning and unique design.

How to style spiritual jewelry?

You don’t need to be a Tarot reader to wear spiritual jewelry. Get a gold horn necklace that symbolizes abundance and good look. You can choose a simple design with a gold chain and a horn pendant or you can go for a layered necklace. Style it with a pair of medium-sized gold hoops and complement it with a friendship bracelet. Wear your flowery midi skirt, a crop top, and a cute headband to complete this fabulous look.

How to clean spiritual jewelry?

Use a soft microfiber cloth for cleaning your jewelry. Soak it in warm water and gently rub your pieces until they are clean. Let your spiritual jewelry dry off and store it inside the jewelry box when you are not wearing it. Don’t forget to always keep your jewelry away from chemical substances and direct contact with water.