Charm Bracelet


A charm bracelet is always a sleek and cute jewelry piece. We love it because it’s personal and it is easy to incorporate into your everyday look. If you love charm bracelets as much as we do, then prepare yourself because you are about to discover a fabulous collection. At Ana Luisa, we have put together a selection of beautiful charm bracelets that you will fall in love it. From sparkling gold bracelets to sleek silver bracelets, get to see our selection and find the charm bracelet that matches your personal style. Scroll down to discover our gorgeous collection....Read more

Why & where to buy a charm bracelet?

You need at least one charm bracelet in your jewelry collection. We already mentioned these bracelets are cute and personal, but guess what? You can make them even more personal by adding other charms to them. Find charms that represent your beliefs or speak about yourself and make your own charm bracelet. It is also easy to style this kind of bracelets and they always add a playful vibe to your outfit. So get the best bracelet with charms from Ana Luisa and enjoy a unique & personal jewelry piece.

How to style a charm bracelet?

Wear a sleek sterling silver bracelet with a delicate cross charm for a glam-rock look. Accessorize it with a pair of big silver hoops and keep your hair up in a messy style. Wear leather shorts, a thin leather choker and lacquer boots to complete your look. You can also try a layered look and wear mini hoops and studs instead of a single pair of earrings.

How to clean a charm bracelet?

You have to be very patient when cleaning your charm bracelet so that you don’t break the charms. Use a soft jewelry brush soaked in water and clean your bracelet gently with it. Let your bracelet dry off and store it inside the jewelry box when you are not wearing it. Also, it’s important to remember to keep your charm bracelet away from water and harsh chemicals like perfume and body lotions. Take care of your bracelet and it will always look fab.