Layered Necklace


Chic and creative, a layered necklace is a statement necklace that you get to wear every single day if you feel like it. You can create a layered necklace out of your existing necklaces or buy a pre-layered one to get a unique look. Looking for the perfect necklace that you can wear with your satin gown and jeans as well? Then look no further than our layered necklaces collection. With either two or three necklaces bound together, the creations in this collection have been carefully curated to offer you unique & stylish designs. Scroll down to see our layered necklaces and get the one that matches your style....Read more

Why & where to buy a layered necklace?

If being extremely fashionable and creative-looking is not enough for you, then buy a layered necklace because it offers you the chance to try this trend and make sure you get it right, unlike what happens when you want to layer your existing necklaces. Also, layered necklaces are versatile and look fantastic with an elegant outfit as well as with your smart-casual look. And yes, when wearing a layered necklace, you can also wear large earrings without looking too busy.

How to style a layered necklace?

Get a bold and chic look with a layered necklace featuring thee pieces. Choose a large coin necklace, a medium-sized gold necklace and a delicate pearl pendant necklace. Wear this ensemble with a deep-V neckline summer dress in a solid color. Get a pair of gold sandals and medium-sized thick gold hoops to complete the look. You can also add a dainty chain bracelet or a solitaire pearl ring to bring back the theme of the necklace.

How to clean a layered necklace?

You have to be very careful and patient when cleaning a layered necklace. Use a soft jewelry brush to reach the hard places and a damp microfiber cloth to gently rub the chains of the necklace. Store your necklace properly on a necklace tree so that it doesn’t get tangled inside the jewelry box. Keep it away from water and harsh chemicals and it will always look fabulous.