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Nickel Free Jewelry


As the name suggests it, nickel free jewelry refers to pieces that don’t contain nickel. And while nickel is not usually a problem, there are some people who suffer from nickel allergies. If you are one of these people and are looking for nickel-free jewelry, then you have come to the right place. Because we understand this need, we have prepared an entire collection dedicated to hypoallergenic jewelry. Scroll down to see our gorgeous pieces and discover beautiful designs that you will be able to wear without developing an allergic reaction. Get the jewelry pieces that match your style from Ana Luisa’s collection below and have fun styling them in a creative and chic way....Read more

Why & where to buy nickel free jewelry?

If you want to be able to wear gorgeous jewelry pieces without developing an allergic reaction, then buy nickel free jewelry. Most people that are allergic to metals are, in fact, allergic to nickel. An allergy to solid gold or silver jewelry is very rare. This is why in Ana Luisa’s collection you will find only solid gold and sterling silver jewelry in fabulous designs. With Ana Luisa you can create a chic look without having to worry about your nickel allergy.

What jewelry is nickel free?

Solid gold jewelry is not likely to trigger an allergic reaction. Even though pure gold is mixed with other metals to make it more durable, you should still be able to wear solid gold jewelry without fearing your allergy. When it comes to solid white gold, though, keep in mind that white gold contains more nickel than other gold alloys. If you are going for that lustrous silver color, then choose sterling silver instead of white gold. A popular nickel free jewelry metal, sterling silver, is also beautiful and stylish. You can wear your favorite silver hoops along with your chic sterling silver cuff bracelet without any worry.

How to clean nickel free jewelry?

Clean your nickel free jewelry with a soft lint-free cloth soaked in warm water. Let your pieces dry off and don’t forget to store them inside the jewelry box for protection when you are not wearing them.