Pendant Necklace


Check out our pendant necklace collection and discover a universe of chic unique jewelry. We have carefully selected amazing designs that you will fall in love with. From gemstone pendant necklaces to coin necklaces and even nature-inspired creations, you will find everything you’ve ever wanted from jewelry in our chic collection. Go ahead and get yourself a delicate pearl pendant necklace or an edgy black pearl necklace. If all-gold is more your style, buy a coin necklace or a feminine charm necklace with an artistic design. Scroll down to see our pendant necklace collection and choose the pieces that inspire you....Read more

Why you should buy a pendant necklace?

A chic pendant necklace is instant style hanging from a chain. It is the perfect jewelry piece to put on a busy morning when you are late for work and want to look effortlessly chic. This piece of jewelry works for women who love statement pieces as well as for those who’d rather wear minimal jewelry. The pendant necklace can be the perfect supporting piece for your statement earrings or it can be the final touch to a minimal outfit.

How to rock a pendant necklace?

Wear a black pearl pendant necklace with your little black dress. Complement it with an onyx ring or a pair of black gemstone earrings for a dazzling monochrome look. Feel like adding a touch of color? Choose a jewel clutch and you will get a glamorous look. You can also wear your pendant necklace to work with an off-white shirt, a medium-sized cuff and lacquer pumps. Make your necklace the centrepiece or use it as a supporting jewelry piece for your statement jewelry. The choice is yours because a pendant necklace is one of the most versatile pieces.

How to care for a pendant necklace?

Clean your pendant necklace regularly with a soft jewelry brush. You can also use a damp lint-free cloth. The first most important thing is to store your necklace properly on a necklace tree so that is doesn’t get tangled. The second one is to remember to take off your necklace before showering and keep it away from harsh chemicals.